A Secret Ending - Hell Quakes


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Somewhere deep down in the infernal abyss
lives the archangel of its nefarious pits
And he has a kingdom from which he ascends
One that warfare must be waged against
Prepared is the hexadic armor of chapter six Ephesians
to combat the vicious, yet limited powers of demons

As I pray in the name of the Lord above all...
Hell quakes
And give unto Jesus all of my soul...
Hell quakes
O, whenever I speak of Him whom I extol...
Hell quakes
Hell quakes
All hell quakes
All hell quakes

The ministry of the Edenic serpent is alive and well
Ungodly hordes of spurious prophets pouring out of hell
to energize and to inspire the unregenerate man
and preach a perverted gospel on unevangelized land
One of pride, one of lust, one of g

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