156/Silence - The Wrong Sense (Official Music Video)


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The Wrong Sense by 156/Silence. EP 'Don't Hold Your Breath' Out now.

Purchase, Stream here: https://shrptn.co/thewrongsense
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Directed By: Kyle Hines

Some things one just can’t accept. Out of my mind. I just can't get this off my chest.
I’ve been walking a fine line between this life and death cause it isn’t enough for me I want to rest with the fucking obsession seething.
I’m infected but the rest don’t see me in a better perception.
I wonder if I’ll ever be worth the remembrance.
Our remnants of memories fade away.
I look around and wonder if I’ll ever manage to say that we have always portrayed a sense of elation just to be a withering case of loss and frustrations.
Riddled with a splintering hate for all that we’ve made.
I just want to take out my gun and pick out my grave.
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