VR 360° Goodbye forever Maxwell Cat 2011-2020 / R.I.P.😭🙏


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It's time to say goodbye forever to Maxwell Cat.We will remember him.🙏😭
The Real Story of Maxwell Cat. The cat's real name is Jess, and she belongs to Imgur user Voidhawk42, who posted the original photo of the cat sitting on a piece of paper with the caption "please don't bend" in November 2017.

In January 2020, Voidhawk42 wrote that Jess, who was nine years old at the time, had a blocked bowel and required surgery at a cost of ?1500. There have been no updates on the cat's health since that news was published.

The name "Maxwell" comes from user ScottRim of Steam Workshop, who modified the model into a wearable item. The submission is titled "Maxwell the carryable cat," which gave the cat its most famous name.

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