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RIDE 5 in VR is a SCARILY realistic VR experience! Driving at high speeds down a rainy, countryside road in Britain in full glorious virtual reality really is one of the best VR racing game experiences I've ever had, I just wish I was good at the game. RIDE 5 doesn't have native VR support, but it SHOULD, because the game runs pretty much flawlessly with the UEVR mod (the Unreal Engine VR mod). After injecting the mod you'll get gorgeous fully realised 3D environments, 6DOF, controls mapped to your Quest 3 (or other headset) touch controllers and a first person view that reals so real it's crazy. Seriously every single racing game should have VR support out of the box, it's a no brainer, and these kinds of ultra realistic experiences would sell headsets to potential audiences looking for reasons WHY VR is worth it... racing games really do showcase how immersive VR is better than most other genres & it's the easiest to showcase to newcomers.

RIDE 5 VR has shot to the top 5 of the best UEVR experiences I've tried so far, to get this one set up there are a few extra steps which you can read about in the Flat2VR Discord channel. This RIDE 5 VR gameplay was captured on a 4090 VR ready PC with the Quest 3 connected via link cable. I don't typically like VR racing games but damn this is some super immersive stuff right here.

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