Ryan Stevenson - Best Is Yet To Come (Official Lyric Video)


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Best Is Yet To Come - Written by Ryan Stevenson, Bryan Fowler & Ran Jackson. Video by Nathan Fertig. Produced & Mixed by Bryan Fowler for Man Cub Music House. Programming, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar by Bryan Fowler. Additional programming by Micah Kuiper. BGVs by Bryan Fowler.


I’ve been known to take some punches, I’m no stranger to the fight
Spent some time down in the shadows, still adjusting to the light
I got some stories I could tell ya
Wear my feelings on my sleeve, yeah that’s me

Like the edge of a knife, like the break of the sun
Like the part of the song when the chills come
On the edge of my seat
Like a break in the clouds, like the part of the movie when it goes down
Some call it foolish, I call it faith

I can’t see the future I don’t know what’s up ahead
Can’t see around the corner I don’t know what’s coming next
I don’t have all the answer
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