⚠️ [FANCAM] My Bag // (여자)아이들 ((G)I-dle) @ Kpop.Flex in Frankfurt (14.05.2022)


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Especially songs that were filmed later in the evening (Kai, NCT Dream, Mamamoo, Idle) might trigger epileptic seizures due to the stage lighting moving around and being generally weird!
Please proceed with caution!

Hi, anyways.
Flex’ organization was … something else.
We were promised 5hrs of performances, got 3hrs and some weird preshow none of us signed up for. People fainted and weren’t taken care of, we had to wait up to 2hrs to get food or drinks and the drinks were 5 euros and more. Still, the organizers went ahead and announced Flex 2.0 for 2023 the SECOND the show was over.

I won’t be going next year and will use the money to go to solo concerts instead (Dreamcatcher and Monsta X, I’m looking at you rn, drop the dates ♥)
With that being said, it was fun to listen to K-Pop in a stadium full of people. Everyone was screaming along and had a good time. I did, too, during Random Dance lol

I hope you still enjoy the

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Это кто к нам пожаловал

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Сможет или нет

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Ничего невидно

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⚠️ [FANCAM] My Bag // (여자)아이들 ((G)I-dle) @ Kpop.Flex in Frankfurt (14.05.2022) - смотреть видео онлайн " />