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Jeff the Killer gets tricked into watching a video of his brother.

Heya cosfreaks!
Hope your week was good and active! I really enjoyed making it, so I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Just a little note: Just Face is one of my idols and favorite youtuber, so I did not mean the things I said as Jeff in the video about him or his cosplay. I just dove into character and acted like Jeff would act towards Liu.

Link to Just Face's video:

Music in the video:
Myuu- The Pianist

My Social Life:
Instagram, Wattpad (currently inactive) and TikTok: @itscatella

If you're new here, I am Catella or you can also call me Ella and I make cosplay videos here on Youtube.
I am an Estonian cosplayer and my main cosplays are about Creepypasta and anime characters. I make more reaction videos and skits with Creepypasta characters and mostly CMVs and picture CMVs with anime characters, but if you'd like to see more anime related content, let me know in the comments along with what type of video you'd like to see!
Hope you'll enjoy my little channel and come back to watch more of my videos in the future!
JEFF THE KILLER REACTS TO HOMICIDAL LIU // Cosplay - смотреть видео онлайн " />