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I don’t need a reason to cheer up your sad face
Please don’t tell me when you working
Heard it many days
Beatbox from the mouth
Every day I’m player
Big size on the earth
Time, like, doesn’t metter
I spending lot of time
For our next generation
I wanna ask you man , do you have a motivation
Fresh style in my blood, I searching honey brand
Plus one hundred people
Keep move it up 4X
Keep move it 5X
Keep.... move it up

Chorus 2X

We just pure out, what we got on you
And we updated from you
The sort food, holly flava , giving us high level


In My opinion
im like dopest
when i make that
only up this
All my friend dont lie
Sometimes i think its true
We dont need the music
Only Lips
and ears
And big cheers from my peers
When we do this
hundred pro future is infinity

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