What is the Difference Between Drone and UAV?


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What is the Difference Between Drone and UAV?
You probably think of a drone when you think of an unmanned aircraft that can be operated autonomously or remotely. For those who aren't familiar with the drone industry, this is most likely what a drone looks like. We don't blame you; it's easy to mistake any unmanned aircraft for a drone capable of flying without the help of a human. However, if you were to technically define what a drone is, any vehicle can actually be a drone as long as it can travel autonomously without the help of humans. In that regard, vehicles that can travel in air, sea, and land can be considered drones as long as they don’t need human intervention to travel.

While the acronym UAV stands for unmanned aerial vehicle, which is very much similar to what a drone is in terms of what the definition means. So, basically, a UAV is anything that can fly aerially but is unmanned in the sense that it doesn’t have a pilot controlling it from the inside. In other words, when we are talking about UAVs, these are simply the vehicles or the airplanes that can fly without the help of a pilot, and we are no longer talking about all of the different types of vehicles here.
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