Lost Dog Street Band - Brighter Shade (Official Music Video)


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Lost Dog Street Band's new album "Survived" is set to release April 26th. Pre-orders are available now at: https://orcd.co/survived

Note from Benjamin Tod:

I wrote the script for the “Brighter Shade” video in the span of about five minutes. I had been pitched a few music video concepts from my management at Space Colonel, but I felt that this song needed a personal touch. I was talking on the phone with Mike Vanata about the potential of him coming out from Wyoming and filming something on my land here in Muhlenberg County, KY. Toward the end of the conversation I told him I would think of something all the while it was already coming together in my head. With 10 minutes of hanging up I sent him a basic script of this concept.

This video encapsulates mine and Ashley’s relationship in a lot of ways and the general dynamic of the feminine and masculine spirit. I have always wandered into the unknown in search of something my soul craves that has often led me into traps unforeseen. Ashley has always been there to clean me up and tame the beast within me as part of her sacred duty. As years have gone by and I have gained wisdom through risk, reward and ruin I have become more effective in bringing back valuable treasures from my quests into the darkness. Over time she has become the ultimate embodiment of empathy and patience that my soul needs to heal from those journeys. It is a tale as old as time spanning every culture and creed of human.

There are a lot of psychological connections between the visual and phonic aspect of this piece of art. Every other shot carries a dual meaning mostly related to the song and history of Lost Dog, but also to the process and people involved in the creation of the video. This song develops such an authentic and universally felt notion within the concept of soulmates. This video is an absolutely perfect interpretation of this song and in unison became a masterpiece.

I want to thank Mike Vanata from Western AF for his incredible work and the invaluable friendship we share. I want to thank Ashley Mae for being my guiding star and healing light through years of trial and misfortune most often brought on by my pride and foolishness. I want to last thank God for the incredible gifts of reason and creativity he has given me. The talents and responsibilities I carry are incredibly rare and are not lost on me now that I am fully a man. I will try and not waste it and I pray you don’t waste yours either. -Benjamin Tod


Lost Dog Street Band:
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Benjamin Tod:
Website - https://www.benjamintodmusic.com
Web Store - https://shop.lostdogstreetband.com
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Each day I love you more
Every time I seem to open up the door
I think I could be someone you adore
Or at least better than I used to be

With that things will change
Like the breeze on every foolish April day
I could leave but some part of me would stay
And it would drive you mad eventually

Only I can love you like I do
And you dare to trade it all for a
Brighter shade of blue

Take my hand and close your eyes
Follow me through all the politics and pride
I was born to be a leader in the fight
Of anything you dare to achieve

With a promise and a sigh
I can only offer my entire life
Final breath will leave some photos and some rhymes
But no one here can claim eternity

Only I can love you like I do
And you dare to trade it all for a
Brighter shade of blue

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