How Ghouls are Made - Fallout Lore


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How does one turn from a human to a ghoul in the Fallout games? Here's the lore behind the Ghoulification process.

Sorry about some of the video quality. The video capture software messed up at points.

0:00 Intro
0:45 Science in Fallout
1:39 Radiation and Ghoulification
1:57 Physical Changes
2:35 Timeline
3:49 Willing Pre-War Ghouls
4:35 Benefits to Being a Ghoul
6:15 Feral Ghouls
7:38 Glowing Ones
7:59 Discrimination
9:28 Ghoul Communities
9:50 Conclusion
10:23 Outro

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All music used comes from Epidemic Sound

Lore sources used in this video: Halo Encyclopedia (2022 Edition), Halopedia, Halo The Rubicon Protocol, Halo Infinite.

Video title: How Ghouls are Made - Fallout Lore
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