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ReMixer: Sorven [https://ocremix.org/artist/18615], Chromatic Apparatus [https://ocremix.org/artist/17324], Daphne F. [https://ocremix.org/artist/18629], GuitarSVD [https://ocremix.org/artist/17052], optimizasean [https://ocremix.org/artist/18624], SableProvidence [https://ocremix.org/artist/18594], Travis Kindred [https://ocremix.org/artist/17322], William Sandberg [https://ocremix.org/artist/18630]
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• Game: Final Fantasy VIII (Square, 1999, PS1)
• ReMixer(s): Chromatic Apparatus, Daphne F., GuitarSVD, SableProvidence, Sorven, Travis Kindred, William Sandberg, optimizasean
• Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu
• Song(s): "Find Your Way"
• Posted: 2023-05-22, evaluated by Liontamer
• Album: Featured on "Final Fantasy VIII: SeeDs of Pandora"


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