Cosmic Liberation: The Truth About the Moon, Mars, and the Dark Fleet | Alex Collier


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🌌 Prepare to uncover cosmic secrets as Andromedan extraterrestrial contactee, Alex Collier, embarks on a mission to unveil the mysteries surrounding the Moon, Mars, and the enigmatic Dark Fleet. Join us in our 15th full question-and-answer webinar, hosted on October 8, 2021, as Alex Collier addresses the burning question: "Have the Moon and Mars been liberated from the Greys and the Dark Fleet?" 🌟

In this video, you'll gain profound insights into the cosmic dynamics at play in our celestial neighborhood. Alex Collier shares his unique perspective on the liberation efforts and the cosmic forces working to ensure the safety and freedom of these celestial bodies.

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Embark with us on a journey of cosmic liberation, as we explore the intricate interplay between cosmic forces, celestial bodies, and humanity's role in safeguarding the cosmos.

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