Rocksmith 2014 - The Globalist (Muse) CDLC Guitar Playthrough


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Hey Guis.

So Drones is out, finally, and it's absolutely amazing! CustomsForge has been buzzing, and the second I saw this on there, I thought I had to do a playthrough right away (hence the 0 play count!). That riff is absolutely amazing! Hell, this is one enjoyable song to play! Realised midway through that I shoulda probably used my slide though ;)

Anyway, expect more of Drones soon enough - working on The Handler, but the tone thats used on the CDLC solo struggles to pick me up, so trying to work around it!

Also, due to using the free version of Bandicam, the song cuts off near the end. Shall upgrade to the paid version soon enough so that doesn't happen again.

FYI, 97% was the final score ;)

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