The Sheep in Wolves Clothing - Fulgur Ovid Anime Intro


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Fulgur Ovid. A cyborg archivist from the future who has no future of his own, or even a past worth much mentioning. He escapes into realms of his own imagination to relieve his own pain and creates the stories of Legatus, a detective from a dystopian world who had to kill his own humanity to survive, The Shepherd, a fallen hero who struggles to find meaning in fighting on for the sake of a dying world which cast him as a villain long ago, and even simply a world in which the Archivist himself feels safe expressing himself. This animation is the lifelong dream of a dying man who wished he could someday see creations of his own come to life in such wonderful beauty and inspire more than just his own fantasies.

山下RIRI and Anasthesi have done an incredible job of fulfilling that dream and bringing some of his fantasies to life with exquisite sakuga animation and an intricate orchestral ost to sum up some of the stories that make up Fulgur Ovid. It is a love letter to the Comfydants and wish that we can all find our own passion and confidence to express ourselves and be cringe but free.

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All Stages of Animation by 山下RIRI:
Music Composition, Mixing and Mastering by Anasthesi:
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