Sword vs Bayonet | Roworth & Mathewson [HEMA]


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In this video I'm going through various techniques with the military sabre or sword against the infantry musket and bayonet. Note that this is also valid for other polearms around 1800, such as various pikes or the spontoon.

Given the length and general nature of polearms, even the predominantly linear fencing systems of the Napoleonic period make extensive use of offline footwork when facing such weapons.

Thank you to the folks at the Academy of Historical Fencing & Schola Gladiatoria for bringing the manuals and plates to the masses!

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0:00 Introduction
0:26 Roworth: Technique 1
2:22 Roworth: Technique 2
3:52 Roworth: Technique 3
5:15 Mathewson & Variations
7:09 Comments & Conclusion



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