First Look: Bauhaus: A New Era


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Everywhere you look in any Western or Western-influenced country, you see the stamp of the Bauhaus. 20th century aesthetics are the way they are because of the Bauhaus. The school influenced graphics, architecture, fashion, textiles, furniture, theater, film, fine arts… it’s an endless list. That new condo building with the boxy look and blocks of color, the clean lines of ‘mid-century’ retro furniture, modern poster design, innovative font designs, a simplified, functional look for clothing, experimental music, film and theater, the concept of students bringing their own ideas into the classroom – all Bauhaus. The Bauhaus was a school of art but also an approach to work, life, culture and learning.

Bauhaus: A New Era tells the story of the birthing of the Bauhaus school by its first director, Walter Gropius. Here’s the series description from the distributor:

Weimar, Germany 1919: World War I has just ended, old imperial empires have collapsed and Europe is swept up in a wave of modern ideas. A
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