[Engsub] Drama 《Warm and Sweet》- 1st Trailer - Victoria Song, Michelle Chen.


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Nan Fei and Qi Jia Yi are two best friends. One is a cosmetic reconstruction doctor who came back from studying abroad. She (Nan Fei) came from a medical family. She has a stubborn personality and a nearly perfect love. Her boyfriend Chen Fang is a charming art curator, mature and gentlemanly; One is an interior designer of a large decoration company. She ( Qi Jia Yi) is overwhelmed by work every day. Her fiance Xu Xi is an common man with stable work, practical and reliable, mediocre and boring. Entering their thirties, they faced the question named Marriage, they found out that there may be a different choice in addition to the common standard answer. Nan Fei and Qi Jia Yi have encountered many marriage and love crises respectively. Chen Feng, Nan Fei's beloved lover is experiencing a career transformation so he is hesitant about mariage. The obstructions of his ex-wife and family's misfortune made they parted ways after a lot of arguments and misunderstandings. On the eve of marriage, Qi Jiayi sudd

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[Engsub] Drama 《Warm and Sweet》- 1st Trailer - Victoria Song, Michelle Chen. - смотреть видео онлайн " />