The Goddamn Gallows - Raise The Moon - Mannheim 2016


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The Goddamn Gallows at the 7er Club in Mannheim - 27.07.2016 - The Goddamn Gallows "Raise The Moon"

Album: 7 Devils (2011)
Track #16: Raise the Moon (The .375 String Band cover)

Check out the "Ghost Town" album by The .357SB for the original version!


Look right up and gimme some room
Devil got away on a broken broom
He rose right up out of the ground
Pulled out a sickle and he sat me down
He said "little boy, better listen to me
Gonna hang a lady by the broken tree
That gypsy lady across the town
She got nuts and stole my crown"

Devil he said, "listen here, son
You and me 's gonna have some fun
You think that woman’s good and sweet
Sit on down and listen to me
I don’t got too much more advice
Love that woman you better think twice
Swing her up and swing her down
Swing her round and round this town"

Gonna have a party, gonna raise the moon
We all know that he’s comin’ soon

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