Sony A7R IV Astro Modification / Full Spectrum Modification


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I decided to put my A7R IV on the bench to give it some new life pulling triple-duty as an H-alpha sensitive astrophotography beast, an IR maven, and of course it's usual role as a great high-res all-arounder. How am I making this happen? By combining a full-spectrum modification with a bunch of magnetic clip-in filters that I purchased from Kolari Vision. The filters are in the mail, so I modded the camera in anticipation and filmed it for the reference of anyone who is curious.

There are only a handful of Sony A7 series cameras that can be properly full spectrum or astro modified, due to an internal IR light source. As of this upload they are the A7, A7R, A7S, A7 III, A7R IV, and A7C. Any other A7 series camera that is modified will experience internal light pollution visible during long exposures.

The Nidec Copal shutters used in Sony's cameras use a little IR LED/Sensor pair (optocoupler) to sense the open or closed position of the lower shutter curtain actuator. Nidec Copal uses IR

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