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Hello to my lovely viewers. This video was suggested by a viewer and now that I've finished it I think it was a great idea.

Join the Vixen's at Vixen manor for their first ever pajama party. These beautiful ladies look amazing in their gorgeous sexy pajama sets and stylish sleepwear. Unfortunately it was difficult to keep them focused and they kept sneaking off to relax with each other. Regardless, I hope you'll agree that these ladies really do put on a good show.

In today's video you'll get to see:

Audrey - The tanned beauty from Italy
Sophie - The sweet and smiley babe from the UK
Heidi - The blonde bombshell from Germany
Gina - The cute but seductive latina from Cuba

I originally had far more models in the video but I got so carried away I decided to split it into two parts. You'll get to see Astrid, Natalia and Priya in episode two ;)

Hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe.

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