The Linda Lindas - "Too Many Things"


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"Too Many Things" by @thelindalindasofficial
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Director + Editor: Ryan Baxley
1st AD/ Producer : Victor Lord
Producer/ Production Design : Alice Baxley
Producer: Adam Bussell
DP: Will Perls
1st AC: Ben Cohen
Gaffer: Markus Fields
Grip: Forrest Penny-Brown
Colored by: Zoe Lambert
Production Assistant: David Ruiz
Production Assistant: Brandon Schwartzel
Hair & Make up : Leticia Llesmin
Costume Designer: Kiki Stash
Studio Teacher: Eileen Williams
Location: Burgerlords Highland Park

Special Thanks to Frederick Guerrero & Jessica Mata


Too many things I’ve left behind
Not enough things left in my mind
Too many things I can’t forget
Don’t make me turn around again

Too many creases I’m too small
Soon I will be nothing at all
It’s always too much give and take
Can’t you see I’m tryin’ to be awake

What would happen if w
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