Super Mogio Bros. (1985) #shorts


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Bowser tries to end Mario's legendary mewing streak.

Just a bit of fun! There were so many mogging and mewing comments on the unknown videos, I decided to give you all a lil treat.

Note that this isn't me condoning mewing or telling people to do it or anything, I just love drawing chiseled Gigachad faces. Could NOT pass this up. If the video does alright, I might do more (leave suggestions below).

Next few videos? I have some art tutorial and Waldo content planned.

Speaking of art tutorials, you should go check mine out. The tutorials so far?
Draw the Unknown (Willy Wonka's Rival)
Draw Jax from the Amazing Digital Circus
Draw a Talking Flower from Mario Wonder
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Draw Pizza Face from Pizza Tower
Draw Pillar John from Pizza Tower
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Draw John Pork
Draw Grimace

Music for this video:
Super Mario Bros. Castle Theme
Lagrange Point - Fighters Awaken

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