Beginning Jazz Drumming - Kick & Snare Comping - Exercise 97 #drumexercise #jazzdrums #drummer


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These exercises are from the Studio/Jazz Drumming Cookbook by John Pickering.

Get the book here:

This example is from the 3rd lesson in the book where you play kick and snare comping patterns under the jazz ride pattern. I am playing one bar of time, one bar of the comping exercise and repeat that. These are great exercises to help develop better jazz drumming coordination!

Please take note - the rhythm key at the bottom! Everything in this video is intended to be swung. The 8th note triplets and dotted 16th - 8th rhythms are intended to be equivalent. Yes, it breaks notation rules, but the author has done this on purpose so the student doesn't assume there is only one way to swing rhythms. In jazz, sometimes drummers pull the swing feel closer a triplet subdivision, and sometimes towards 16th notes.

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