MASSACRE 2011 Dawn of Eternity


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The Legendary Massacre has once again Returned with 2 of the original line up TERRY BUTLER (on BASS Of course ) and RICK ROZZ on GUITAR, but with addition of 2 new comers,MIKE MAZZONETTO on DRUMS & ED WEBB on VOCALS. Brutal Broadcast had the Honored privilege to attend and Film 3 songs at there 3rd Rehearsal at CGM Studios in Altamonte Springs Florida celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album From Beyond. And I must say the NEW MASSACRE is far more DEVASTATING Than it EVER Was!!!! So Check out the Episode and watch all 3 songs in their entirety and if your in Tampa on January 14th 2012 you can see them for their ONLY U.S. Date at the Brass Mug (the CBGB of the South) . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©Copyright 2011 MASSACRE & Brutal Broadcast
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