Normal vaginal childbirth


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During a vaginal birth, the first stage of labor lasts between 12 to 19 hours and begins when the baby moves into the pelvis and is positioned there. In response to this, the cervix begins to open or become thinner and dilate.

During this process the mother may begin to feel strong and regular contractions that occur every 5 to 20 minutes in addition to lower back pain and cramps that do not go away.

As the cervix begins to open, you may notice a brown or reddish mucous discharge, which may be the mucus plug coming off the opening of the cervix and is an indicator that labor is about to begin.

If the amniotic sac that holds the baby bursts during pregnancy, a procedure also known as "water breaking," you may experience a heavy gush of water or a continuous drip.

If you experience any of these symptoms contact your doctor or midwife immediately to find out if you should go to hospital.

At the beginning of the second stage of labor, which can last from a few minutes
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