Doors 1971 Olympia, Paris


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The Doors live in Paris, 1971 taped by a young college student that had a passion for music. She would sneak in her recorder into music venues with a stereo microphone. On some of her live tapes I can hear her shifting position in her seat. She was an American student attending school in Paris at the time. She was very forward thinking to tape the bands coming through at the time. Shows like these are lost in the cosmos. Once in a lifetime shows that were never recorded by the bands, gone forever. Memories lost in time!

The charcoal etch of Jïm Morrison’s headstone is in my possession! There’s a story behind it and how I became an owner of it.

If you ever visit the Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, look above the load in/out door. You will see one of these charcoal etches. If you ever are invited to the Morrison Estate, or Mr Krieger’s casa, you may see one. Mine, I keep it in a safe place.
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