Democrats VS Republicans #repulican #democrat #trump #biden Part 2


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Democrats VS Republicans #repulican #democrat #trump #biden Part 2 Democrats VS Republicans #repulican #democrat #trump #biden. Make America Great Again? We make America Great Again? Is this possible in the USA? The political news in the US says the nation is in lousy economic and political trouble. The US presidential elections 2024 between Joe Biden and Donald Trump could be the most important in the US. Will emphasizes the importance of Aberberhan Lincond, the president of the USA 16, who freed enslaved people. I believe since USA President Aberberhan Lincondwas was a Republican President, most black people want to belong to the Republican Party. We will decide on issues. Why did most blacks leave the Republican Party and go to the Democratic Party? Why has the Democratic party used the Black Church and preachers? Many in the Black community believe that the Democratic Party has taken the Black vote for granted because they leave most blacks to vote for Democrats no matter what they do. More black people w
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