Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf - BAD GET SOME (single)


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Introducing the new indie funk, soul, rock band Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf. Their journey begins in Detroit, Michigan, at the iconic United Sound Systems Studio where they recorded 10 tracks for the debut album BAD GET SOME, released Oct. 27th, 2017 on Isotopia Records.

This BAD GET SOME (single) music video features Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf tooling around Detroit in a classic Cadillac and hot Mustang, and performing live at festivals in New York and Estonia during the summer of 2017. There's also behind-the-scenes footage of Miss Velvet and her band as they invade a vintage clothing shop in search of clothing nirvana. But the song is the star here, so listen close as Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf tear it up with BAD GET SOME!

Produced and directed by Isotopia Records

Edited by: Jody Jorgensen, Randall Tobin

Camera team: Gabriel Stanley and Elizabeth Fisher

Vocals - Miss Velvet
Keys and Organ - Constance

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