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📡 Aleks Michalski is a producer of ambient, space music. He recently released a new album called - Aeternum which is the ninth album he has released so far.

Just think positive, open your mind and let the music take you away from the Earth.

Aeternum - by Aleks Michalski is out now.

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🎨 Image: Port Ariel.
Artist: Maciej Rebisz.
Contact: [email protected]
Image Source:

"Port Ariel - a scientific outpost on one of the moons of Uranus."

🤖 SpaceAmbient.

"Space is to place as eternity is to time." -- Joseph Joubert.

🛰️ All music & art on the SpaceAmbient channel is used to help promote indie artists & more.
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The music & art on this channel is great for studying, relaxing, inspiration, painting, writing Sci-Fi novels or films & a lot more.

I'll be uploading space ambient & electronic music and all kinds of spacey music, psybient, synth, retro, drone, downtempo, chill & feature them in stunning futuristic space art that fits with the music that has a futuristic, Sci-Fi, space atmosphere/theme to it.
I try to make the music and art in the videos fit together in some way to make it all feel more alive which takes often time.
I will sometimes as well create an art piece using Midjourney that will fit with the music as much as possible.
I'll discover new artists, music, art & more.

Enjoy Cosmonauts... 👨‍🚀👩🏾‍🚀🚀

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