What Happened to the First Human Head Transplant?


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The first human head transplant surgery is a lofty, some would say impossible, proposition. Transplanting a living human head from one body to another sounds like the workings of science fiction - and as with any science fiction, real scientific aspirations develop.

I remembered news headlines about a doctor, Sergio Canavero, who scheduled the first human head transplant some years ago with a volunteer, Valery Spiridonov. But it seemed as quickly as it entered the consciousness of the media, it faded out. I wanted to know what happened to this scheduled human head transplant, and it inspired me to create this.

Like me you may be wondering; was the first human head transplant a success? When is the transplant surgery scheduled? This video will provide those answers.

Unfortunately, it seems we may not learn for some time (if ever) where a human head transplant is possible. Most scientists don't even agree that it's ethical. But despite the ambiguous conclusion, I do hope you enjo

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