Allan Holdsworth - Sphere OF Innocence - Steve Hunt solo piano


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SPHERE OF INNOCENCE - One of the many beautiful songs Allan Holdsworth composed.

It's a seemingly simple sounding song starting off with a very basic diatonic structure. However, as you delve into the harmonic journey of this gem from start to finish you quickly realize what a complex and complicated composition this is on many levels. The twist and turns of the melody and harmonic resolutions that bring you back to something you think you remember but in actuality it is a half step away or a 4th away or a minor 3rd down from the first time you hear it. This song displays the beautiful side of Allan's artistry as a composer and yet at the same time we get to experience the darker and mysterious struggles of his own life within the music. His music is heavenly and uplifting and gorgeous but has a foundation of something that seems to be always searching for the truth and the right path in life. Just when you believe you have found the answer you get tugged in a different direction. I would say akin to that of Beethoven or Chopin compositions. There's something in the works that still gives us hope through the pain and struggles of life.
Enjoy the beauty and genius of Allan Holdsworth

-Steve Hunt
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