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Stream: https://ffm.to/h3lix
Shot/Dir. by @_orangeben_ & @danhamm_
Edited by @TheRCYProject
Produced by @themutantjoe

Send a ho steppin'
Really thought about "what's the issue with another weapon"?
I could be trusted with it, while you tryna brandish
When she psychobabble like "damn, you cannot can it"
i don't understand shit

Man, this an ambush...
I don't think that it really take a crook to know a crook
So many circles run 'fore I let myself Off the Hook
I wring em out, they told me I should Shake em til they shook
that was obnoxious, I don't wanna catch a look

Lil shy when da bitch back
Gon whippem into shape, another garment mismatched
So lay flat upon the mattress and kickback
Ion wan do it on the phone. put the flix back

Im lookin thirsty for a retention warrior
Shit goes over the head n I cant get a hold of em
Im not thirsty for people lookin at me, had enough

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