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i want the world to accept what is now considered 'cringy' like being a ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ ~~~///(^v^)\\\~~~ type person in emails or essays or texts or in person but i realize that tthis is but a pipe dream .. to have people which can express themselves in such a manner and not be absolutely ripped apart onn a molecular level by the mental cringe tidal forces (which are both socially-ingrained and empathetic in nature) is a rare and cool thing.. but asking people to please accept it and be cool with it is just fake, unless people are completely cool with it there is no realness which is essential to manifest the zeitgeist of THAT early-mid 2010's scene (it takes to many words to describe yknow what i mean...) ,,even if some cultural anomaly makes this generation regress so soon to that past, i feel as if there is a fundamental disconnect between the teens of then and now, maybe some innate sense of cynicism , maybe niches have taken
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