When you THINK you are FAST and then this HAPPENS - Bikers In Trouble


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In this heart-pumping video, we delve into the world of bikers in trouble and the adrenaline-fueled moments that define their experiences. Ride safe!

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To provide additional context and insight, I've added my own comments to this episode.
By learning from the mistakes of other riders, you can avoid making the same mistakes and become a safer and more skilled motorcycle rider.

Motorcycle close call - https://www.youtube.com/@hardballmoto
Typical BMW driver - https://www.youtube.com/@yavorsky1112
Crazy driver on the Road - https://www.youtube.com/@Suzuki_B-King_Pilot
Karen isn’t a fan of lane splitting - https://www.youtube.com/@ZooYork3331
Epic biker moment - https://www.instagram.com/undisclosed_moto/
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a bit slower and a wider line I would have been fine - https://www.youtube.com/@althescottishbiker
Rider cuts across car.. - https://www.youtube.com/@The_Flying_Scotsman
Left turns are hard - https://www.youtube.com/@michaelkalus7802
xr650l slide out plastic plate my fault - https://www.youtube.com/@ggnyc2017
Kawasaki Ninja fails - https://www.youtube.com/@MotoShortsStarkvegas
Close call - https://www.youtube.com/@moglita78
Road Rage - https://www.youtube.com/@R1.reyy_
Wrong side of the road dude - https://www.youtube.com/@The_Flying_Scotsman
Driver tries pushing motorcyclist out of lane - https://www.youtube.com/@MotoRob55
Dropped my motorcycle today - https://www.youtube.com/@cpchiang3268
We pull a bike from the side of the mountain - https://www.youtube.com/@CubanRider
Bad driver - https://www.youtube.com/@AcurateBob
It's crazy to be a biker - https://www.youtube.com/@silentxsails4098
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