dvsn - Between Us (feat. Snoh Aalegra) [Official Music Video]


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Watch the official music video for Between Us by dvsn feat. Snoh Aalegra from the album A Muse In Her Feelings.
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Director - Brendan Vaughan
Producer - Mariah Morgenstern
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Head of Production - Luke Arreguin
Director of Photography - Ben Goodman
1st AD - Bashir Taylor
Gaffer - Diego Gilly
Key Grip - Jason Webster
Production Designer - Haley Bowman
Stylist - Corey Stokes
HMU (Artists) - Cherish Brooke Hill
HMU (Extras) - Brittany Thomas
Editor - Emilie Aubry

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dvsn is a R&B duo renowned for their hits "Mood," "With Me," "Hallucinations," "No Cryin," "Between Us," "A Muse," and "Morning After." They worked with artists like Future, Drake, and Miguel — amassing millions of global streams and garnering critical acclaim.

Whatcha doin'?
You know I'm comin' over, right?
Ayy, baby, tell me whatcha wanna do

Let me start by sayin' sorry
Some days I take your time for granted
You could be the star in my universe
If I just took time to plan it
Told me secrets you ain't wanna
Trust is big for you, that's why I'm keeping it a hunna
Crazy vulnerable shit in common
Just keeps us apart when we should be starting
To keep our promises, we could be promisin'
You say I'm closed off
Let's open up and take our clothes off

I don't want nothing in between us
Nothing there to stop the feeling
I don't want nothing in between us
Got me thinking this might be love
Oh, oh
Oh yeah

Don't be sorry, just be careful, baby
Know my heart is fragile
Don't say shit that you don't really mean
'Cause that's just hard to handle
I loved it most when it was just me and you
They know the truth so we gon' watch how we move
But nothin' beats the feelin' that you givin' me
Even if it ain't forever, ooh
Just keep it honest, we made some promises
They got opinions, but that won't change a thing
We got each other, let's shut the world up
And take our clothes off, baby, yeah

I don't want nothing in between us (Ooh, oh)
Nothing there to stop the feeling (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I don't want nothing in between us (Nothin' else between us, oh, oh)
Got me thinking this might be love (Be us, yeah)
Oh, oh
Oh yeah

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