Red Letter Rising - REJECTS


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(Official Music Video) Why

I’m a reject misfit, looking for a reset
Never fitting in with the in-crowd style
Scars so deep you can never see the freak
I’m an outcast baby, no class, no clout
Worthless, hopeless, on to the dope
This hocus pocus focus isn’t coping
Suffering in pain in the membrane
No escape from things I can’t change

I can’t take it, I can’t change it, why can’t you just make it go away

I can feel rejection causing, me to think there’s nothing left inside
Let ‘em know
Let ‘em know
We are the rejects

I’m a black sheep freak from the 336 days of the week, can you see what I mean
A skinny white boy, not the norm, I was born and raised on the island of the misfit toys
From the streets, to the beats, never cease to believe what we speak will increase to release till we’re free
Running from the pain is insane, it always stays the same

I can’t take it, I can’t change it,
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