ModelScope - Dominic Toretto's Typical Tuesday [ORIGINAL]


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It was a beautiful Tuesday morning when Dom woke up to a text from Brian O'Conner, challenging him to settle the score on the racetrack. Little did Dom know, Brian was contracted by Hobbs to put an end to Dom's winning streak.

After completing his morning routine and spending time with his family, Dom headed to the racetrack. Along the way, he bumped into O'Conner, and they immediately began racing. Unfortunately, Brian lost control of his car and spun out, crashing and losing to Dom.

As Dom celebrated his victory with a trophy, Hobbs arrived and confronted him. Angry with the turn of events, Hobbs engaged Dom in a brutal physical fight, but Dom was able to use forbidden techniques to come out on top.

Feeling triumphant after defeating two opponents in a row, Dom received a call from his twin brother inviting him to the gym. They discussed the events of the day while working out.

Later in the evening, they left the gym and joined their family for a peaceful dinner of pi
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