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A long, long time ago, devils were rampant in East-land. Master Tang, swore to Leiyin Temple in West to fetch scriptures to purify East-land. Bodhisattva Guanyin arranged four disciples: Sun Walker, Bajie, Wujing and White-dragon horse, they must protect and accompany master Tang through asceticism, and only after eighty-one challenges can they fetch the scriptures and return to East-land. This time, Sun Walker and his partners are blocked in Fiery Mountain and need the plantain fan of Princess Raksasi to put out the fire of the Fiery Mountain so that they're able to continue the journey of retrieving original Buddhist scriptures.
However, a few years ago, Holy-baby King was for attempting to seek eternal life by attacking and attempting to eat the meat of Sun Walker’s master, Tang Sanzang. Sun Walker, with the force of Bodhisattva Guanyin, subdued Holy-baby King, the son of Princess Raksasi and Bull-demon King, which leads to a series of confrontations between them later. After all, Sun Walker was no match for the powerful Bull Demon King who had practiced for five hundred years more. At the critical moment, all the gods, Buddhas and heavenly soldiers and generals came out to help subdue the Bull Demon King. The reborn Sun Walker finally understands that the brave must rely on courage, loyalty and teamwork to defeat the demons and complete their mission.
The film is in the form of a road movie that depicts the companionship of Sun Walker, master Tang Sanzang, Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing, and other partners. The whole movie conveys a positive belief: no matter how difficult the challenges are, as long as we work together and never give up, we can ultimately achieve the goal。
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