Legendary producer Pete Rock on working with Nas, Public Enemy, Run-DMC, Kanye West & more


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Watch an exclusive interview with Pete Rock. Deep-diving into his sampling technique, experience working with Nas, Public Enemy, Run-DMC, and Kanye West, and dissecting his most iconic flips through Sample Breakdowns including 'They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.),' 'The World Is Yours' by Nas, and more. For anyone invested in sampling or hip-hop culture, this is a must-watch.

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00:00 On his first time producing
01:14 On his first experience with sampling
01:58 On Making 'T.R.O.Y.'
03:28 On Sample Clearance
04:28 On working with Public Enemy
05:37 On working with Run-DMC
06:32 On Making Nas' 'The World Is Yours'
08:30 On making 'A Little Soul'
10:27 On working with Kanye West & Jay-Z
10:43 On his advice to beginners
12:23 Beat Battle judged by Pete Rock

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