Chris Rea - Wired To The Moon (Lyrics)


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"Wired to the Moon" is the sixth studio album by Chris Rea, released in 1984.


Chris Rea - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, piano, synthesizer, accordion, marimba, producer
Robert Ahwai - guitar
Jerry Stevenson - guitar
Kevin Powell - bass
Kevin Leach - keyboards
Max Middleton - keyboards
Dave Richards - synthesizer
Dave Mattacks - drums
Adrian Rea - drums
Jeff Seopardie - drums, percussion
Martin Ditcham - percussion
Jo Mirowski - art direction, design

Sleep tonight little girl
Go right in through
No-one can wake you now
You're falling through your dreams
Sliding down every beam
'Cos you don't know how

Don't know how to hurt
Don't know how to lie
You just don't know how to do it
You couldn't if you tried
'Cos you're wired to the moon

You innocent light
Will be shadows too soon
Sleep little angel
Stay wir
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