Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance: Gypsy -- the Supercut


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How about another #LordOfTheDance supercut -- this time, Gypsy?

When Gypsy made its debut in 1996, it was an atomic bomb in the world of #IrishDance. For the first time -- ever -- female #IrishDancing was *sexy.*

That's not an exaggeration. Irish dancing as an art form was sterile and sexless until Michael Flatley overlaid his personal art form atop it. And his art form applies to male and female performers. The slip jig -- the soft-shoe dance predominantly performed by women -- was transformed into something wildly sensual. The same was done to the reel.

This transformation was necessary for the plot of Lord of the Dance. The character of Morrighan is a temptress, and as such her dancing requires a level of seductiveness which was hitherto absent from Irish dancing. The pioneer for this new form, revolutionizing female Irish dancing, was Gillian Norris -- the OG Morrighan.

Fellow OG Troupe member Denise Flynn describes it best: "We were told to just dance whatever came t
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