Toothless Dancing In Pokemon White


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►Toothless Is Doing The Driftveil Griddy In Pokemon White Version

Original Toothless Animation By @cas

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Hey Guys, Gno Here
And Every Since Toothless Dancing To Driftveil City Has Became A Meme.
I Mean Driftveil's Theme Has Already Impacted Meme Culture As It Is, But Toothless Dancing To It Makes It Ten Times Better. It Also Helps That Cas Van De Pol Made More Expressions For This Good Boi. So I Wanted The Actual First Meme Video To Be Something That I Would Put A Lot Of Effort Into And I Feel Like This Is Quite A Good Start. With The Sprite Animating And A Few References For Pokemon Black And White And Its Sequel.
Thanks For Watching And Don't Forget To Stay Awesome

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