We don't particularly like HEADSHOTS!! #Shorts


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No headshots? No problem... #Shorts​

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About Kicking Mustang:
Welcome to my YouTube channel where I share my sneaky airsoft gameplay, ghillie suit crafting, often using my Silverback SRS Covert & Tokyo Marui MK23 socom action. I also show cheaters in my scopecam and funny moments.
Kicking Mustang's cameras: Runcam, Gopro Hero Session, Insta360 One X.

DISCLAIMER! Scopecam overlay is applied in post editing. This video may, or may not, be representative of where the gat is aiming. Anybody who has been shot signed a disclaimer before playing & the site rules are very clear - don't moan about being shot, and there is no 'bang rule', so snowflakes need to try to not get their knickers in a twist when people get flicked in the face!! In the event of a headshot the scope overlay in this video has been moved away from

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