The epic eruption of the Stromboli volcano in Italy is gaining momentum


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Two volcanoes became active in Italy one after another. Following Etna, the Stromboli volcano began to erupt in the Tyrrhenian Sea on the Aeolian Islands archipelago near Sicily. The plume of ash and smoke from the epic eruption rose to a height of 2,300 meters.
The eruption of Stromboli attracted the attention of numerous tourists who began to flock to the island to watch the eruption. Tourists rent boats to watch the eruption from different angles, and also take seats in cafes on the coast, overlooking the volcano.
And the eruption lives up to their expectations: thick smoke hung over the island and pyroclastic flows fell into the sea several times.
Local authorities have declared the highest, red, alert level and are warning of the danger of an eruption, but these warnings are not stopping anyone.


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