How to do Shorty George? | Solo Jazz Tutorial


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Learn the Shorty George with this lessons. One of my favourite moves in Solo Jazz dance, and one I often see looking awkward. Read on about the history of this move and dance...

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Why is this movement is called Shorty George and who created it?

The Shorty George, a signature step of Lindy hop and jazz, was named after an African -American jitterbug and Lindy hop dancer “Shorty” George Snowden (4 July 1904 – May 1982) in the 1930s. He could do this step underneath his partners legs.
Snowden was an acclaimed dancer at the Savoy Ballroom. The story is interesting. George Snowden was a short man, only about 5 feet tall and he had quite an impressively tall dance partner called Big Bea It was their “thing”, the feature. They really crafted their dance art around his height. George would jump in a split to have Big Bea t

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