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Happy Belated Birthday Sofia!!
I hope you had a wonderful + incredible time with your loved ones! I probably mention this every year, but I really am glad that I got to know you and talk with you about all kinds of random stuff like mangas or kdramas....even when the conversation gets into a scary direction XDD -cough-
The moment you told me that you are also reading this manga, I knew that I had to edit with these two XDDD I just ship them sooo much; and love the characters even moooore :D It's already been three bday videos ago since I last colored so many manga scans at once, I hope you enjoy watching this :)

✿Dedicated to Sofia

✿Manga: Skip to Loafer
✿Couple: Iwakura Mitsumi & Shima Sousuke
✿Song: must have done something right
✿Artist: Relient K

It's been so long that I actually forgot how long it takes and how much my hand gets kind of stiff while coloring scans f

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