The Pro Warm-Up Designed For Amateurs | No Equipment (10 MIN)


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In this video I'll show you how to level up your game by running you through a 10 minute pro level warm-up design for beginners players.
No equipment is needed, all you need is a small amount of space and a clear mind. Keeping the movements light but intentional, this 10 minute dynamic routine allows you to get you legs & your mind in the game ALL before you've even kicked a ball.. I hope you enjoy!

I would love to know how you felt adding this warm up to your training session. It's important to create good habits when you first arrive to the field, so I suggest trying it before each training session to see how you get on. I know you're going to love it!

Cheers Folks,

PS: Static Stretches are bloody brilliant and I love them, just make sure you're doing them when the intention is to either settle into some rest or as a recovery method. Not to ge
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