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Pig&Dan signal their first solo outing on Drumcode since 2016, with a stirring four-track work.

The duo stands as one of electronic music’s most prolific artists, shapeshifting between different shades of house and techno over a 15+ year period, all the while displaying a startling breadth that’s ensured their enduring demand. Their relationship with Adam Beyer has solidified over the years, first impressing with a debut EP ‘Mexico’ in 2016, before collaborating with the Swede himself in 2017 for the fantastic four-tracker ‘Capsule’, a notable highlight. With their contribution to last year’s A-Sides compilation ‘La Bruja’ one of the strongest of the bunch, their return for a full-length EP is timely.

Title track ‘Infinity’ is rave-infused stadium techno crafted to perfection, driven by an undulating melodic lead that builds to a tension-packed break, before the chords re-appear and propel the track toward a trippy finale. Vocal cut ‘Losing Part of Me’ is momentous, with punchy bass and pin-sharp percussion juxtaposing superbly with the emotive vocal and laser-kissed melodic touches. ‘Terrax’ is propelled by woozy synth leads that escalate in intensity, before unexpectedly dropping into a series of soothing synth interludes, before slamming back in with purpose. The EP concludes with ‘Plex’, as a brooding melody line is paired with pumping percussion for an atmosphere-heavy finale.


1. Pig&Dan – Infinity
2. Pig&Dan – Losing Part of Me
3. Pig&Dan – Terrax
4. Pig&Dan – Plex .

Drumcode is more than a label, it’s a movement. Founded by Adam Beyer, it stands as the highest selling and most influential imprint in techno, has spawned a radio show listened to by millions each week, and a global events brand hosting festivals and events throughout Europe, North and South America. Adam Beyer’s unwavering commitment to quality, combined with a future-focused ethos are the cornerstone of the brand’s success. His definition of techno is open-minded and expansive, while resolutely refusing to compromise on the smallest detail with every aspect of Drumcode’s output.
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