æspa - Supernova (English Ver.) cover


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Hey guys!
Here’s my English translation of æspa’s Supernova!
I can’t wait for their album to drop!!!

Lyrics and translations by me
All rights belong to @aespa abd @SMTOWN

Here are the lyrics:

I'm like some kind of supernova
Watch out
Look at me go
Dont be a bore , down to the core
So hot, im hot
Look me roll, ready or not got the nitro
Whats your Discord
We’re something more, out of this world.

taking shots never stop ah, oh, ayy
Watch the clock counting down ah, oh, ayy
That tick, that tick, tick bomb
That tick, that tick, tick bomb
Never gonna reach me imbattable
look im on fire
Just me in my zone su su su supernova

Can't stop hyperstellar
Watch out imma getcha
Bring the light of a dying star
Itll blow your mind
No lie so strap up

Ah, body bang
Make it feel too right
Max limit energy, it's so special
Tell me im queen of the scenе,
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